How To Die & Get Away With It

by Zachary Murdock

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How do I word it? This is an EP that we compressed into one song which is the trailer for my debut novella. A trailer for a book? An album in one song? Enjoy this interpretation of the ego on its journey through a repeated death and rebirth cycle leading toward DAILY ENLIGHTENMENT.



Authorly confession
Part of me digressing
From the heart of the message
Pardon me, I’m stressing
‘Bout thoughts not present
Screen locked teapot
Boil from the pressure of the social
Till the dream pop
Gazoontite! In church a little woozy
Like walking over bridge
From Jesus to Lil Boosie
Easel a little wobbly
Easily getting stupid
Like Cupid with chocolate accoutrements
Looking foolish
In the strip mall selling a god dream
Overlooking justice
Just for a wad of green
Sneaky how the ignorance grows
And the more educated the more
Ignorance knows
On the tip of its toes still little and lowly
Next to the big homie
You don’t know me
Don’t tell me motherfucker show me
Don’t sell me just another story
Just an empty bunch of guts and glory
Connected to the
Dream in cartoon
Fiend for art fumes
Songs to escape
From the gates of our ruins
Ancestors tripped
Addicted lips
Sipping shit
History’s disc will skip
I wanna hear Her story
Sherpas escort me
To my peak so I may earn every glory
Don’t speak to repeat the woes
Reach for the Soul cause only She knows
These hands of mine
Like warriors, scars remind
Hard to find
Plain day heart is blind
Halt this line
Not another step till we clear it up
Dangerous to the fear
The mirror’s not near enough

Robot talk back you really wanna?
Be cool, see through the primadonna
I can’t move can you please
Outta of the blue I pity you fools

Saw you talking copy catting the keys (huh)?
Empty hallway always in ending in greed (yoh)
bet on myself following all the dreams (that)
Lead me to soul posing for peacock

Out of my core I wanted to feed you
Told me it’s war and then I believed you
ran in the storm and saw that’s it’s see through
haunting me still like poverty feel
An ominous chill I gotta be real
Trying to catch me
Swimming with the blue tooth sharks
Intercept me bullshit that they rock interesting
pop sugar hot bullets they got buggers in they nose
Candy with bullshit traps we expose
And as I go extinct they grow
Lights blinking life’s meaningless, frozen

Robot talk back you really wanna?
Be cool, see through the primadonna
I can’t move can you please
Outta of the blue I pity you fools

Only in love will I find fixture
Must define before we commit to
A vague life with glazed eyes
I wanna wake up before I I die

How did I die and wake up in the sun?
How did I die and still live?

Centerfold getting gold
Just a clone with a megaphone
Plant a seed, you plant seed but it never grows
So we gon' dance with the devil
Till the wound is a window

Acid trip with no acid
Ask me this I'll say madness
Track it back to the sadness
A disconnect from the masses
Had me after the magic
Dive deep for this rap shit
Like a wolf after rabbit
Wormhole into blackness and then I'm..


released May 10, 2021
Written and performed by Zachary Murdock

Produced by Red Buttonz & Kevin Joseph

Cover art by Jake Vantiger


all rights reserved



Zachary Murdock Los Angeles, California

A consummate musical shapeshifter, Zachary Murdock is a naturally gifted creative who embodies the definitive spirit of raw creativity. He creates supreme funk, futuristic soul music that inspires personal revelation through off-the-wall fantasy.

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